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Since studying product design at Middlesex University, I worked with designers Harvey Bertram-Brown, Carolyn Corben, Sophie Harley & Felicity Jury-Cramp as New Renaissance as well as the fashion team Antoni & Alison, before embarking on my own work, where I exhibited and sold my work across the UK.

I was commissioned to produce a piece for a travelling Hillman ‘Imp Potent’ Exhibition. I have sold my work in EC One in Exmouth Market, After Noah in Islington and exhibited in both The Hayward foyer and the Royal Festival Hall.

I have continued to make and my latest body of work encompasses all my interests, graphical art and statement pieces; my graphics are currently being used by The South London Art Map for their Pre-Olympic Art Tours [http://www.southlondonartmap.com/events/bearspace/1085]. My work also featured in the PRINT & DESIGN NOW! 2011 at SW1 Gallery, London; an exhibition showcasing the very best in contemporary art & design.

I am currently working on a commission at Ipswich High School; an installation piece which is in direct response to a Flood Tide performance [http://www.informal.org/floodtide.htm]. I am creating a space to be tranquil and calm, a place to contemplate and be moved by the sounds of nature; it will be a sensory piece.

I also provide creative workshop days in schools, please email for further information.

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